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"A Legit Experienced Legal Document Preparation Services"

Since 2005

DocuXpress is an organization of professionally registered, Incorporated and Certified Legal Document Assistants that provide help for those individuals who represent themselves in legal matters. We also offer Paralegal Services for attorneys, corporations and other small businesses.We specialize in working “hands-on” with our clients in a patient, professional manner to type and prepare accurate Family , Immigration , Bankruptcy, Probate, Litigation, Corporate and Real Estate supreme and judicial forms, motions, orders, petitions, agreements, contracts, reports, letters, templates and other legal or business related documentation.


Many website​s offer to pre​pare y​our bankruptcy for a few dollars online taking your money and time. These companies are not Legitimate Incorporated Business and are not Registered Professionals.

Reviews🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 can easily mislead customers as well. Remember that anyone can create reviews and not necessary be a real customer.


      How Do I know If It's A Legit Company

Sunbiz is the organization that lists all Legit Corporations, whoever it's not listed is not a formal nor trusted Company, click the following link:

Better Business Bureau also can be useful to  find out if the company has any complaints filed against them, click this link to perform a search