100 % Guarantee or Your Money Back

Docuxpress uses Approved forms authorized by the State Supreme Court of Florida.

If your documents are not accepted by the court, Docuxpress will give you a full refund. To qualify for a refund you must contact Docuxpress and provide the following information:

The names of the specific documents that were rejected.

The reason for the rejection of the documents by the clerk/judge/court.

Docuxpress reserves the right to request written proof that your divorce documents were not accepted. We also reserve the right to correct any rejected form in order for the court to accept your document. If your documents are not accepted after we tried to correct any issues then we will immediately issue a full refund your money.

Refund Policy: Docuxpress will refund your money if your documents are not accepted by the court as stated in our guarantee policy. The cancelation of an order because you wish to put a hold on your divorce will not qualify as grounds for a refund. However, we will give you credit and continue with your divorce process once you are ready to move forward with your divorce.